About us

​My love for fabric is reflected in my work. I can sit for hours choosing the textures, colors, and prints that go into each piece. Even the thread is chosen to complement the overall look. I do all Artist photo at Fox 2 news studioof the pattern making, designs, cutting, and sewing. From the bricks in the doorstops to the fabric on the pillows, I upcycle and transform materials using techniques from 
a century ago. The raw edge applique adds character to each  piece and mimics how fabric would have frayed before glues and
stabilizers were used.

​All of my pillows and doorstops are made using high quality vintage and new upholstery fabrics, with bits of upcycled apparel and quilting fabrics for facial features. Buttons are sourced from around the world and made from a variety of materials, including coconut shells, abalone, metals, and wood. I particularly enjoy working with prints and frequently use fabrics with different aesthetics (e.g., a futuristic print with a vintage brocade) to blend ​into a new style all my own.